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Welcome to Garden Haven Dental – a touch of serenity in dentistry.

Our Philosophy

The team at Garden Haven Dental aims to provide you with the best service and care to make you feel relaxed in a nurturing environment. We strive to enhance the quality of your life by bringing your smile to the forefront of your personality while maintaining or reconstructing a balanced set of teeth for you to enjoy healthy eating habits.  

We want you to enjoy being part of the Garden Haven family and to feel revitalised when you visit us. Our care extends to people who feel particularly nervous about going to the dentist, as our team’s attention and the clinic’s environment are geared towards dissolving your anxiety. All the members of our team are concerned about your health and well-being and are people-focused with a gentle personality. The team’s diverse cultural background across the globe brings a charming touch and connection to your experience.

Experienced professionals

Skilled professionals ensuring excellence in every smile.

Relax at our clinic

Your comfort is our priority in our serene dental haven.

Innovative technology

Advanced dental solutions for precision care and optimal results.

Premium service

Exceptional dental care, personalized for your unique smile.

Meet Our Friendly Team

Dr. Antish Naeck

General Dentistry

Dr Antish graduated from the University of Manchester, UK, in 2007. Dr Antish has worked in England, Wales and Australia. With his extensive continuous education and vast knowledge and experience in different fields of dentistry, including aesthetic dentistry, implant dentistry and Invisalign, Dr Antish brings to you the very latest advances in dentistry.

His calming and gentle nature will take you on a soothing journey through the care of your dental health and will make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Dr Antish keeps his energy balanced and elevated by regularly meditating and working out either at the gym or outdoors. In his spare time, enjoys playing the guitar, spending time at the beach and adventures in nature. Being from a French-speaking background, Dr Antish enjoys discovering new cultures and sharing his.

Diana Vatca

Oral Health Therapist

Diana graduated from the University of Dentistry at Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Medicine. Originally from Romania, Diana moved to Australia in 2012 and has embraced the Australian culture and lifestyle ever since. Her passion for promoting healthy dental habits continued, and she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Oral Health Therapy in Australia in 2023. She is also a 4th-year dentistry PhD student.

Diana has been deeply committed to giving back to the community since she was a young girl, and throughout the years she participated in many volunteering projects. Early on during these projects, she realised the extreme fear teenagers and even some adults experienced when going to the dentist. This made Diana decide to pursue a career in dentistry and add her personal qualities to those of a good dental practitioner. Having a gentle and caring personality, loving to put people’s needs first, and wanting to make the clinic experience more patient-friendly and comfortable, she saw an opportunity in becoming a dental clinician.

In her free time, Diana enjoys reading and working on small interior design projects, as well as spending time with friends and family at the beach.

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31 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, Melbourne, VIC 3206

Our clinic is situated on the ground floor (Belle Properties is on the first floor), on the vibrant side of a main road (Victoria Avenue) in Albert Park.