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Teeth Extractions

Why do teeth need to be extracted?

Despite our will and effort to save each and every tooth in your mouth teeth extractions are required sometimes. This is if it is evident that an insufficient amount of tooth structure is left. Also, if a tooth is broken below the gum line, an extraction may be inevitable.

How do we extract a tooth?

With modern ways of caring for patients, and using the right techniques, our experienced dentist can perform extractions with minimal discomfort to you. However if you do feel anxious about having a tooth extracted, you might decide to choose a method of sedation. This can either be in the form of ‘happy gas’ or sleep dentistry (intravenous sedation). Both types of sedation are available for you at Garden Haven Dental. Please click here to find out more.

Wisdom teeth extraction

It is a very common occurrence to experience pain around wisdom teeth. A wisdom tooth might not be free to erupt fully in the mouth due to structures like the tooth in front of it or the bone around the wisdom tooth being in its way.

The wisdom tooth might thus still be partly covered by the gum. This causes plaque and food to accumulate underneath the flap of gum and between the wisdom tooth and the tooth immediately in front of it.

Subsequently this causes an infection of the gum or a hole may develop in the wisdom tooth itself or the tooth immediately in front of it. Sometimes there is no pain and patients are unaware of any underlying problem. If it is caught too late, this may result in having no other option than to extract the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth, together with the wisdom tooth itself.

Please contact us today to book an appointment to discuss your teeth extraction options.

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