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Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Teeth whitening is the process of brightening or whitening stained, discoloured or dull teeth through the application of a gel. At Garden Haven Dental we are pleased to offer both in-house and take-home whitening solution, ensuring that you will find a solution that fits your budget and schedule.

In-house whitening

In-chair teeth whitening is the quickest dental solution for whitening teeth and removing or reducing stains and discolouration. It involves the application of whitening product directly onto the teeth and the use of heat, a special light or laser to activate and/or accelerate the whitening agent.

With in-chair teeth whitening results are typically achieved within one 30-60 minute dental appointment.

What are the benefits of in-house whitening?

  • We typically use whitening products that contain stronger concentrations of hydrogen peroxide compared with off-the-shelf or take-home products. This ensures results within one 30-60 minute dental treatment
  • We apply the whitening agent directly to the teeth so that the use of mouth trays, such as those provided in take-home and off-the-shelf whitening kits, is unnecessary
  • We supervise the treatment and can control the amount of whitening that occurs
  • We can better match the types of stains with the best treatments, leading to better results

Take-home whitening

Take-home teeth whitening is a cost-effective solution for people wanting whiter, brighter teeth. Custom fitted mouth trays are made from an impression of your teeth and you are provided with everything you need to complete the treatment at home.

What are the benefits of take home whitening?

  • Custom-fitted mouth trays, made from impressions taken by the dentist, ensure maximum contact between the whitening product, which is applied to the mouth tray, and the teeth.
  • Custom-fitted mouth trays minimise contact of the whitening gel with the gum tissue.
  • The whitening product is milder than products used within dental surgeries, leading to less tooth sensitivity and control over the shade of white that is achieved.
  • Take-home teeth whitening is more affordable than in-chair teeth whitening performed within dental surgeries.


Teeth whitening is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women.

Teeth whitening is not permanent and the degree of whiteness will vary from individual to individual depending on the condition of the teeth and the type of whitening system used. Teeth whitening will only work on natural teeth and extrinsic stains.

Please contact us today to make an appointment and assess your suitability for teeth whitening.

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