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Dental (Porcelain) Veneers

What is a dental veneer?

A dental veneer is a remarkably thin piece of ceramic material. It is the thickness of a nail that is bonded onto your front teeth to change their color, shape and position. With advances in technology, dental veneers now look identical to natural teeth.

They are just fantastic as their thin nature means that they are extremely conservative and require minimal tooth reduction, or even none at all in certain cases. Here are some examples of smiles that we have improved at Garden Haven Dental:




Why would I need a dental veneer?

If you have discoloured teeth and/or misaligned teeth that you would like to have straightened up and whitened to revitalise your smile, veneers can be a very quick and easy way of achieving this.

The procedure is usually completed in two simple visits. In the first visit we will prepare your teeth and take an impression of your jaw. A temporary veneer may be fitted at this time. At the second visit you will have your new dental veneer permanently cemented onto your tooth.


If you have any concerns about the colour, shape and position of your teeth or if you would simply like to have the smile you always wished for, contact our team at Garden Haven Dental. You can have a discussion with our experienced professionals about how your aesthetic goals can be achieved.

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