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Your Golden Smile

Golden Proportions Of A Smile

Have you ever wondered what makes up the architecture of an attractive person’s facial features? What about a remarkably aesthetic object like one car as compared with another? Or what makes the patterns on a flower beautiful?

To answer this question, let us look at what has made Leonardo DaVinci’s painting of the Mona Lisa such a historical phenomenon. After all, it is just a painting like any other, one might say.However, it rises above the crowd due to the proportions that Da Vinci introduced into his artwork. Even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, attractiveness takes another dimension when the characteristic proportions involved are in harmony with the perception of the eyes. This is what made the Mona Lisa such a historical icon. This magical ratio is known as the golden mean, or phi, and is represented as an infinite number that can be represented as the number 1.6 when written down correct to one decimal place.

Applied to teeth, the proportions of one tooth as compared to another creates a sense of balance and pleasure to the eyes when the length of one side of a tooth is 1.6 (the golden mean ratio) times greater than the length of the same side of another tooth as illustrated below:

At Garden Haven Dental, your experienced dentist trained in aesthetic dentistry mindfully introduces the golden proportions into the rhythm of your dentition to bring out the most pleasing aspects of your smile.

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